As The Forest Speaks

Marcy Howard

Bright green leaves are silhouetted,
Against a background of darker green,
And with the sun’s reaching rays,
Shafts of sunlight dot the scene,
Treetops touch a clear blue sky,
From forest green to azure blue,
And on this bright and cloudless day,
The scene just mirrors you.
There’s the sound of water flowing,
And the here and now just disappears,
It seems this path was walked before,
Within a silence that no one hears,
A perfect day we soon will miss,
So quickly it is gone,
And when we think of who we need,
Memories of you come right along.
From time to time you see a squirrel,
And birds are singing everywhere,
A chipmunk barks from atop a log,
And as you pass he seems to stare,
We hear a stream not far away,
With it’s soothing calming sound,
A piece of heaven for a heavy heart,
When no solace can be found.
As we move closer to this flowing stream,
Are we entering some foreign land,
A place where civilization falls away,
And there’s no need to understand,
We become immersed in the sights and sounds,
In this place where peace exists,
While all the things we feel inside,
This calming influence we can’t resist.
Though we can not see the stream,
Still it’s voice is heard,
A heart that somehow speaks out loud,
Without uttering a single word,
The trail soon travels steeply down,
What was heard is now clearly seen,
While the heart that searches for answers,
Now feels what the forest means.
The sounds we hear amidst this place,
Aren’t contrived they’re something real,
And if we listen to them speak,
They mirror what we feel,
Soon a whisper’s clearly heard,
But it’s not this place we hear,
It’s a voice that speaks from deep within,
Saying, love we need never fear.

January 14th, 2017

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