To Marcy Howard

I need you, the perfect woman,
To walk life hand in hand,
For without your touch, in my life,
I’m an incomplete man,
Your smile is my sun,
Your scent the air I breath,
Your laughter is the music I hear,
Your love, what I need.
I think of you every day,
Each night, its you I hold,
As my pillow speaks to me,
With the things to me you told.
To hold you would be my heaven,
To see you would bring a smile,
And to hear your voice would elate me,
Give me happy for awhile.
I do not need a valentine,
For tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day,
I already have you in my heart,
And I hear you softly say.
Finally I am here my love,
Now, we can move on,
Because without you in my life,
Part of me is gone.
I am happy we found each other,
And though we are apart,
In reality we’re together,
Bonded by these hearts,
So in this season of true love,
Will you this time stay,
As I send this wish to you,
For a, Happy Valentine’s Day!
      My heart is you!



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