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You Dream


You came to visit me in my dreams,
I held you close again,
But when I awoke to find only Darkness,
It seems alone becomes my friend,
If only I could hold you close,
Have you in my arms right now,
All these cold and lonely nights,
Would disappear somehow.
While I dreamt I had the sensation,
That I could smell pears near by,
Only to find upon awakening,
The Darkness whispering it’s a lie,
It all felt so very real,
But I guess that’s what dreams do,
They free what lives in the heart,
And for me it’s thoughts of you.
I could feel you lying next to me,
Feel the warmth from your bare skin,
Paradise for a few moments,
A dream that from reality begins,
Being only partially awake,
It takes a moment to catch on,
The momentary sanctuary,
It seems again is gone.
One aspect is kind of humorous,
Though not in a positive way,
Though I awake to find I’m alone,
Why do I need dreams of you to stay,
The answer’s pretty simple really,
I’m happy when I’m with you,
And every night when I dream,
Hold you is what I do.
It seems I’ve found a brand new place,
Between reality and dreams,
And if happiness equates with smiles,
Does this alone equate with screams.
But incredibly I feel lucky,
Because paradise exists for me,
And though love might be lived in my dreams,
At least for awhile it’s free.
No harm can come from holding on,
And it doesn’t matter if it would,
I’ve tried to forget a number of ways,
Because for a few seconds  I thought I could,
This world can be cold and unforgiving,
But in my dreams I’m granted peace,
I get to hold you in my arms,
As my heart insures it will never cease.

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