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Let Me

to Marcy Howard

Let me, talk to you, again, let me, make you smile.
Let us hold, each other tight, if only, for awhile,
Let me, show you, I was wrong and show, that you, are right,
Let us, keep each other warm, all through, the cold dark night.
Let me, be, the one, you need, let me, live with love,
Let us, hold out, open arms, up to, the skies above,
Let me be, the warmth, inside, if you feel, cold,
Let us, live, in harmony, warmed, inside, love’s fold,
Let me, say, I’m sorry, for causing you, any pain,
Let me build, your trust again, and play, our song’s refrain,
Let me, give myself, to you, an ally, for your flight,
Let me, see those, shining eyes, my darkness, needs their light.
Let me know, once again, that you see, I’m there,
Let me, listen to you, no matter, what I, might hear,
Let me, give you understanding, that only, love can bring,
Let me write, forever’s song, I’ll listen, to you sing.
Let me show you, you’re in my heart, forever, we are one,
Let me, stand beside you, no matter, what was done,
Let me, show you understanding, let me, have, just one chance,
Let me, give you everything, let me, have this dance,
Let me have, your hand again, to walk down, the mountain’s trail,
Let me, whisper, in your ear, with love, we can not fail.



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