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A Goal Set

I see the way people hurt and feel.
How the evil needs a soul too steal.
It corrupts your mind in to thinking.
Evil wants you to feel as if you are sinking.
The evil will make you feel a certain way.
Make all of your worries go by day by day.
I wish I could do something to help those.
Who need me who wont leave when time goes.
Evil wants to change you intentions.
It messes with your mind and suspensions.
Makes you think you should do wrong things.
Even if you know what the consequences it brings.
The evil in my life has brought weary trust.
But I am changing and doing what I must.
If I never change my life I will never have you.
But don’t worry I know what I have to do.
I will change and the ones needed to trust me.
I will be the man I truly need to be.
It will just have to come in a little bit of time.
Until I can show you why I keep writing another rhyme.


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