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My Love

I pray to god to keep her happy.
Without her I don’t know where I would be.
She is the missing link in my life.
I hope someday she will be my wife.
She keeps me moving my feet forward.
She is the only things that makes me move onward.
I love her more than the stars in the moon.
I hope her nightmares go away soon.
I hate to see her scared and depressed.
I don’t want to seem as obsessed.
Because I am not just worried and wishing.
I knew that she is ok. It would be refurnishing.
She steals my words and fills them with affection.
She gives me a feeling of loving resurrection.
When I thought nobody cared there she was.
I don’t know how she does what she does.
She keeps my head above the dragging water.
She is my relaxation when situations get hotter.
I protect her from the evil around and above.
Not because I can but because she is my love.


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