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A Poem

I’m warm and I stand on my own.
I stand free but imprisoned by me.
I am balanced by my loved ones.
And I know with you I am never alone.
I fight for the ones I care for.
I help the ones who need my help.
I get mad at ungrateful people.
But beyond everything it is you I adore.
Seeing you happy brings a smile to my face.
I try to do what will need to be done.
I wish to always do what is right.
But I did what I did if I wanted grace.
In my heart is where I always find you.
I have been trying to stay calm but I worry.
If you are ok and that you are not depressed.
Only when I am with you do I know what to do.


Thinking, thinking, and thinking some more. I hope you are alright.

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