Lots of things happen. Things we wish we could take back. Things we wish to remember after you have a head full of grey hairs. Things that seems great when they are happening but could change in a heartbeat. But we learn from them. Good or bad. Sweet or maybe a little bitter. No matter what our minds take record. The brain puts them in little files on which if they were good a idea or maybe bad and the thoughts of thing we wish we would have done slightly different or very. Then there are those things that you wouldn’t change for anything. Not one thing. Good or bad, because we learned. And that’s what becomes the most acceptable. Those are the moments we strive for as human beings. But these things we strive for do not come in waves nor are they warned that they are coming. It is a complete instantaneous action that can never be expected by anything but the wheels of time. When you just wish you could freeze time. To be able to keep that moment a little while longer. Its almost like the photography saying, “ If you see a good photo you missed it.” But to be able to keep these moments you have to get out. You have to explore and interact with others and the world. If you lock up, and shut down you will have missed these great moments. The world’s greatest moments do not always come to your window nor do they come to your TV. They might have been great moments but what makes them great is that you had the first hand view of it. Not the captured version.


Tell me what you think. Do you agree? Or disagree? why or why not?

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