Dragon Chaser

My hands are shaky.
Legs of mine oh so quaky.
I have theses cold chills down my spine.
My thoughts are all out of line.
Violent jerks keeping me awake.
My mental fever bound to break.
I haven’t been to work but needing money.
My addiction so terrible not even funny.
I need it now I need my fix.
My head feels like its full of bricks.
I need some china white I need it bad.
If not I might end up going mad.
So drop that substance on some foil.
And let that dragon begin to uncoil.


I had 1st person view a little while back of how a heroin addicts feels and what they go through. So if anyone feels the urge to do this drug i advise you to not. because if you do you will end up like the guy i learned what it's like from.

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