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I am Here

I worry but I worry just out of love.
I hate seeing the one I love so down.
We just need a little but help from above.
Before you can wear your crown.
It will be here when you are ready.
I have time so go ahead take yours.  
I think I will be fine, I am steady.
I still have the love for you that pours.
So look ahead and make sure to smile.
Hang out with friends and take some time.
And I am here to help you the next mile.
I will always be here if you start to fall out of line.
You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me.
If I am atleast a little wiser I will do what we need to.
I have learned from my mistakes and who I need to be.
I am here not to be rash but to take care of you.


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