Love You

I hold your waist and kissing your neck and chest.
Oh baby this moment is definitely the best.
Only thing better is if it could just happen again.
If you want me to come love on just tell me when.
I loved when you had me come to the school.
It was wet and freezing but I tried to keep my cool.
You let me kiss you a lot and it made me slightly edgy.
When you let me hold you and a love on me.
I loved when I woke up real early to come see you.
When you let me put you up against the fence that was new.
I think that night I showed you how much I truly cared.
Rather than trying to get in to your pants for something to be shared.
I love you baby and I promise you I always will.
And I know you have a head ache because I forgot your pill.
So I wrote you this poem to try to sooth your mind.
To keep that smile on your face that I always wish to find


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