Missing Love Too Soon

Well we gave it our all.
From every kiss to phone call.
Worrying and caring about the other.
We were happy with one another.
We fought for what we needed.
We cried, fixed and pleaded.
We fought for the love.
Prayed to the god above.
We layed in the road and counted stars.
Left while hitch hiking in cars.
We reached for the moon.
A love that ended too soon.
We are not finished nor ever will be.
Our hearts will never be set free.
She holds my favorite memories.
Relaxes my soul with beautiful remedies.
I will miss her I am not going to lie.
For a while I will be in a broken down cry.
But my mistakes have taken its very last toll.
As mine and her feelings lose control.
We had a perfect love in the wrong time and place.
As the love was full of so much happiness and grace.
We fought and shot for the moon.
In a love that ended too soon.


The poem is pretty self explanatory. I am not sad that it is over. but happy that it happened. But i doubt this is the end of us. it might be a long time until i atleast can be her friend. but every cause has an effect. I have gotten what i deserved. but i am patient.

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