Reaching Out

If i call will you tell me how things are going?
It’s truly killing me not knowing.
I am not sure what to think of anything.
Or what i don’t understand or just missing.
I know she can be ball of fun when she is mad.
I am just worried more than a tad.
I haven’t completely discussed this with anyone but my father.
And when i try i sit and think “ why do i even bother?”.  
I haven’t gotten full detail on anything.
But i can tell you the last thing I’ve been doing is cheating.
It is ridiculous that i was claimed of doing so.
It made my head want to blow.
Is there anything i can do.....
To be able to just talk to you?
I need help with a few problems.
Where my mind has hit a few bottoms.
I know you have to be interpreting what i am typing.
Or there would be no reason for you to read what i have been writing.  
Is there something you are waiting for me to say?
While i cry with my eyes filled with blue and grey.
Are you waiting for me to say something to use it against me?
I don’t understand where you want me to be.
I am sorry i fell in love with your daughter.
And I cant let her go and it makes tensions hotter.
I replied to your comment if you heaven’t seen it.
But my heart is having an absolute fit.
I need to know I need to connect.
And I wish for you to know I do not mean to disrespect.
But I am paranoid and I can’t get over all of this.
I am just trying to figure out and fix everything that I miss.
Is she in a fit and keep pissing you off?
I know she has a temper but I ask how is her cough?
But I don’t know how much longer I can just sit and pray.
Before she just starts heading my way.
I know she might and I know that could ruin everything if she is mad enough.
But I just want to try to get over all of this stuff.


please talk to me. i am starting to go crazy. i just need to talk for a little while. i know you read this and i know you have thought about it. i am might make dumb decisions but i know when someone is debating doing something or not without even being there. i know you are mad. i just want to fix everything.

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