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Seconds Left

In to the huddle we all fall back.
Hosses looking to keep from a sack.
The play is a play action pass.
Joey going long fastest in the class.
We line up with fire in our eyes.
Wait for the snap and see where our fate lye’s.
3rd and long at the 50 yard line.
14 seconds left chills down our spine.
Fire off the line holding them back.
54 linebacker coming in for the sack.
Dodged and the ball gets launched to Joe.
Hoping he doesn’t drop it or the game is a blow.
Its a catch and coach calls our final time out.
15 yards to go not sure what play to call.
Begins to ran there goes our dry ball.
looks like its up to the run.
No more passing and going deep.
Coach calls the right half back sweep.
Playing tight end that means i have the critical block.
The ball is snapped and i take out the Defensive end.
Shifting to the right and left with a spin.
Ricardo jumps for the endzone we have the win.
Best run ive ever seen.
Clock runs out of time but this team was mean.
This game is over and we had won.
But we have on more game at state before we are done.


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