Caricamento in corso...

Ripple in Still Water

Light music on a light rainy day.
Just humming and singing my worries away.
Thinking of the next day that will come.
Working from experience not acting dumb.
All doors closed just left with a thought.
Of letting go or taking back for what i fought.
My mind says no but my heart whispers yes.
Everything else comes up as less.
A drinking problem on my head.
Issues of hating myself torn apart in my bed.
Take another pill and feel it roll around.
while my thoughts are crazed and wound.
A drink keeps me content a pill keeps me awake.
When sober my life seems to be at stake.
looking for someone to help me.
but everyone just lets me be.
I’m ten feet under and upside down,
Feels like i was left out here to drown.
I know everything will be alright.
Although it doesn't seem like it tonight.


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