Speakings Of The Heart

i wish i had you wrapped up in my arms all tight.
while i lay sleepy through this cold Christmas night.
just knowing that you are there.
and i could hold you through each and every nightmare.
to snuggle you in and tell you that i love you.
every night and after the next year that becomes new.
you mean the world to me and always had.
even when i was annoyed, upset, or a little mad.
you eased my thought and my stress.
you helped me when i was a emotional mess.
so keep your head up baby you have so much potential.
i am sorry our relationship had to be so sequential.
try to be happy you deserve to be.
i just wish the reason you were could be me.
but i cant and wont hold you back.
after a good sense of directions is what i lack.
i worry i might never see you again for a while.
and that is the reason i cant smile.
if i could be your friend i would be your best friend.
even with a heart of not a complete and total mend.
so follow your heart baby and follow your gut.
and remember i will always be here for you no matter what.


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