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The Perfect Hunt For The Hunter

I love the feeling of the brisk air upon my face.
The land is full of so much magic and such grace.
I wait for hours looking for my one sign.
Of tracks in the dirt or a scrape that made a design.
I hear slight movement upon the winded trees.
I look closely as I become chilled by the cool breeze.
I see a deer moving slowly behind the brush.
My heart has violently began to rush.
I watch it without making one sound.
Without making a move upon the cold ground.
It opens up its side perfectly inline with my bow.
I draw the strings back and just let it flow.
I hit him perfectly through his heart.
He was strong but no match for my quick dart.
I knew he had no fight after I released my arrow.
Because the show was so perfect and narrow.
My heart stopped racing itself insanely.
Because this buck was done so plainly.


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