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Fighting For What's Right Within

I laugh and then begin to catch my breath.
At someone being afraid of the meaning death.
Why are people so afraid of something that ends anyways.
It ends when needed to if you speak loud with in your praise.
I do not have fear of the world because nothing ever lasts.
It does its job here on earth and gets passed.
Onto either of two paths within the soul of inside.
But there is no thin line, it is open very wide.
So follow what you believe will get you to the promise land.
It might be worshiping a religion or just lying upon the sand.
Our spirits have to go somewhere of some type.
Fulfilled with fruit that is cool tasty and ripe.
But don’t let him create a bad heart within.
All are meant for good with bad direction of a quick spin.
So hit the right track inside the special mind of yours.
Because hell is something no one wants to let their body endure.
So keep faith in the man the lye’s above the sky.
So fight for whats right and when someone crosses you yell bonsai!


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