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Time To Let Go

I cant talk to you anymore for your on sake.
Before I mess up the ties we have that I’m about to break.
I’m sorry I am not able to fight for you I wish I could.
You know if I was able to have you I would.
I’m not what you need in life in fact the opposite of what is needed.
I’m sorry that this is how I have pleaded.
I would do it in person but you are miles away and I cant be around you.
I just don’t ever know what I am able to do.
It kills me to have to let go of everything I ever wished for.
But the more I stay connected the more I push you farther into the floor.
I love you and I swear by god I always will.
But my love is not something that you truly need to fulfill.
I promise when you are at the age I will wait for the call.
Where it should be just a few days past fall.
If I don’t that call its alright I understand.
Why I wouldn’t be able to take care of you and have your hand.


Hardest thing ive ever done but its what is best. I hope you understand. A&F

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