To Live Your Life

I move through life in fast pace.
I wonder why its called the human race.
I have a feeling we all have a calling here.
On this planet that’s filled with fear.
I find myself not afraid of anything
But more of things to be depressing.
I figured this place is just a small breath.
Before we die of some sort of death.
I am not scared of what comes next.
Because of what it says in the biblical text.
I believe in god because of many reasons.
Because of the rain the sun and the seasons.
Scientists can not find a rhyme or reason for something.
They don’t understand what life can actually bring.
I heard that the key to life is happiness.
Inside this world of complete and total madness.
It teaches many things such as love and hope.
How to forgive of others and to cope.
And if and I mean if there is no god.
And this religion thing is a fraud.
Its not a bad way to live your life.


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