I’ve been allergic to beauty
For 35 years
In a series of diphenhydramine dreams.
Spring stings
And all of these tears
Are wearily ripening in-between  screams.
The flowers look so happy,
I can barely see them.
Oh, Yellowish green
Cognitive haze.
Cloaking my brain
For a mighty good reason
These trees are sappily
In love with my pain.
On solid screen doors
The taraxacum tours
My squalid green corps
Is sincerely yours,
I’m so dissociative
That I can be you,
And this hell is
As cool as life,
It’s hard to live
But whenever I do
I’m just as well as
Wherever I might.
For crying out loud
For crying at all,
I’ll eat the pollen
Until the Fall.



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