Guilty suspects can easily pass
Leaving their demons at the scene,
Not in the system
Skipping class
Leaving the semen
Clogged in a dream.
Up on the end table
Upon the clock,
The time is frozen
The time has stopped.
Like cubes in a tray
Turned to rock,
Pressure cracks
From Hell to the top.
“Killing is awesome!”
Screamed the young man,
To be here now
With spontaneous plans,
A gaze in the mirror
Not to the future
With the stench of the past
On his lingering hands.
Was it for nurture?
Am I a man?
All wrapped up
In a natural scam?
Who cares who wins
I was soaked in gin,
Raised by thieves
And angry men,
Poking my eyes
And kicking my shins,
The pins and needles
And needles and pins
Prickling my mind
Till I shine with sin!
How dost thou wonder
   the shape I’m in?
With venom for blood
As I grow old
It boils the same
It boils the same.
It boils out every
   last drop of my name.



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Robert L. Martin
alrededor de 4 años

A very good description of a killer


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