to myself

I wait and I wait to hear the sound of your voice
As I imagined yours sounded like my favourite song on a beautiful Sunday morning
As I long to hold your hand close to my heart and let you feel the beat of my heart that beat like a drum
I wait to see your face like for the very 1st time when my eyes meet yours and
From then on I knew I had to face what I had long to be.
From that night I knew I was not only scared to admit and yet I took a chance to feel the unexpected of what the society seem to think is unacceptable
And I wait to be undressed by my feelings, not be able to hold myself and face what I have been scared of which is the naked truth,
And I wait to be me without seen as a sinner as I admit to accept that I am me,
Yes I Am Different from what you define as a demon....
I wait to be unapologetic as I realise that, to please or not to please had left me to live but die walking,
I wait not to be a ghost of my own reflection that I have suffered in silent
And I wait no more...



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Sarana Conradie

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