J.C Upshaw

Not many people like to help my life,
Never would they feel for a girl with such strife.
I cry, and cry,
Trying to make sense of why.
Why the world has the pain it does,
Why so many people have to fuss?
Why does’t thou help,
When no one else is around?
Thank you to the ones who hear,
Thank you for never trying to cause tears.
Thank you for seeing my pain,
Thank you for not just letting me fade.
Accept my gratitude,
And please don’t let this happiness and affection turn to a shroud.
You are a great person to be nice to me,
You are a great person, just to, my pain, see.
May we talk about being best friends?
I can’t not know someone like you,
If you feel like we can become best friends, know I do, too.


Thanks for being there for me. Your awesome.. and brave.

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