Have you ever heard of something called true love?
I think you have your own definition.
You just pick up a mirror and stare at your reflection,
Just like your in love with your own complexion.
And I just don’t understand,
Why you always act before you start thinkin’.
Your just so different,
Your like the cousin of hatred.
Why are you the way you are?
What is the way you are?
Who is the owner of the way you are?
Thats who.
But who is “You”?
Who are you?
You make me feel so dumb to ask such of a question.
Like your a royal one,
And I’m just some random peasant.
I just don’t understand.
Your so different from the way I am.
I love life, wonder and beauty.
You love death, pain, and bein’ moody.
You’d rather cause pain,
And I’d rather heal it.
We are just such opposites,
Yet you want to be around me.
We are so different,
Yet you say that you love me.
Our hearts can’t join,
Yet you still try.
Who are you to fight what the heart declines?
Who are you to side with your own mind?
Who are you to tell me we’re right,
When all we ever do is fight?
Who are you to say it’s a victory,
When it’s still just the beginning?
Who are you to fall and want help up,
When you know you don’t need it?
Who are you to say you need me,
When your heart says you just want me?
You are so complicated,
Yet my mind still craves your complication.
I am so lost in this life with you,
Our minds crave each other,
When our hearts need someone new.
Why are you the way you are?
What is the way you are?
Who is the owner of the way you are?
That is who.
But who is “You”?
Who are you?
I cannot find out can I?
No, or I would have already.
I have found out.
You are you,
I am I.
That is why we are so different.
Now I Know and wont forget.
You are you and I am I.
But i still dont understand.
Why you are the way “You” are,
Who are you?


Confusion, pain, past feelings that still somewhat haunt me.

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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
Environ 6 ans

What a journey it is. Very awesome write. I'll have to read some more of your work. Wonderful. Sandi

Cory Garcia
Environ 6 ans

Love how you let the reader into your thoughts and take them on the journey with you

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