To people who side with reality, invisibility, and blindness of what's real and true. Not to people who are against them, and side with naptime, trueness, and dreams.

Is anyone there?
I know someone has to hear me.
Can anyone spare money?
Even maybe a penny?
Someone, please.
I’m calling out,
But no one is listening.
I’m screaming out,
But in silent Cries.
I’m yelling my throat out,
But only to myself.
I’m feeling alone,
Yet surrounded by people.
I’m looking happy with a smile and everything,
Yet deep down I’m dying and know that my smile is barely realistic.
When i truly smile,
Its noticeable.
But only to very few.
Why is this happening?
Where am i?
Why can i only see myself,
And no one else?
I wish for my dreams back.
I no longer want reality.
My only survival is in my dreams,
Yet i cannot stay in them.
Why hold someone back from THEIR reality?
Why is it fair to hold someone from anything?
Why is someone invisible,
When they should just be clear.
Why am i being forced to compete in this bloodbash of a reality,
And be forced to be invisible and fight blindly?
I am fighting!
I’m fighting for what’s deserved!
For what I, and many others, deserve!
I’m fighting for the freedom of invisibility!
I’m fighting for the vision of others!
I’m fighting for something nothing in this reality can give,
Because it practically is only known in dreams.
Many things are only known in dreams.
So why are we not allowed to live in our dreams as much as possible?


Bring back our naptime! It's the only place we have to be truly free!


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