Beauty tis each cummings art

inspired by the work of Joanna {jz645356}

lust, an elusive find,
often not of heart, but mind;
upon sweets touched,
soft moist lips kiss yearned;
that thought to take first,
and selfishly give less inkind;
whatever, one’s thirst needs quench,
of tastes not words;
although… those lusty moans do,
give rise to swollen treats and dews;
through eyes closed,
an excited moment’s rush thought’s surge;
and… memories lisps, uuummmm,
do concisely converge;
during completion’s lapse,
on two very different, yet so similar slits;
these mists, and droplets,
one’s cummings gleaned off whisper’s spits;
exploding myths, and offering’s sweats,
oh, the mind’s entwine, with living’s gods;
yes, truth’s passions spent, the time’s relit,
and once again peace gains the nod;
remaking just this simply joyous groan,
the rich of nether regions owned;
by the gasping breaths that share,
this moment’s riche, on the fifth’s dimensioned honed;
then in an instant that which thrilled,
and threshed the soul is done;
and what then remains, the air you once breathed,
and the skins you once donned.
Michael Darrell Walker


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