This Day's Uncertain Winds

One wind’s direction bares the shame,
around which minds discretions’ lay;
whisperings heard, mime sharpened blades,
that deeply knife these unskilled knaves;
somber, leans living’s wearied day,
hung beneath, the wavering staves;
moments drift, as a hush befalls,
life’s fallen sweet, one’s future slain.
Compose, and bind these swirling vanes,
together pressed and waxed at once;
life’s savoury tastes; mind’s refrain,
bleeds, subtle hint of change begun;
profound this sway, thought’s paradigm,
slows still, the flow of chance to come;
melody’s yearn, for sweetest mood,
in shift not blessed, climes path undone.
Detailing patterns stand amiss,
as winds, around US caste about;
decisions primp, in grandeur’s wave,
dreams, spun on ‘points’, reflect time’s doubt;
sorrowed such, eye’s opening brings,
to sight, the shift of nature’s tout;
stains slung, those clouds the darkness taints,
as light details, what faith’s liens oust.
Digression, assume life’s values,
is what you seek, the lot you guess;
states, of mind in infantile phase,
wills scheming rage; no code’s address;
premature, this lounge of thought’s reign,
time’s bane, remains our lives egress;
virtues’ stump, one without its pair,
these oafish freaks, falcate noblesse.
Mixins myths, thought’s chaos defined,
the burrowed blurbs, behaviours hexed;
implement sublime deific,
one’s sight, soon blinds this wrights’ inflex;
fiction’s rulings, towards buggered fools,
truth, is lie in fates mind fluxed;
jeweled strands, stones weigh across each back,
to eye and mind, thought’s gist perplexed.
Painting half tints; lyrics transcend,
full flees this read, in proposal’s posh;
words mean, dark’s light, compassion’s blend,
winds turn inward, homes’ now Chemosh;
enshrined confix, idiom’s trysts,
convexing lean the common foosh;
gifts herein, a puissance earned,
now free your minds; feel this steely cosh!
Michael Darrell Walker


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