Before Nothing Became Something

Rare compassions,
for that which saves life;
benefits for you,
from the provider’s prime;
that one created,
from the first mould;
the builder of all that is,
within the universe.
Built from the desires, of and within,
all of things eternal;
things lasting forever,
of eons ago;
before nothing,
became something;
wondrous is the reach,
that completes a circle.
Of what number,
in what lifeline are you;
put in what lifetime,
surpassed by the few;
pieces placed together,
comprising the views;
of what it truly takes,
what devotion is due.
See without yourself, see within,
see the true pictures
of how all of life begins;
one, of the Six,
standing tall, shooting in;
seeding life, giving life,
saving, all life from when?
Long ago then, something began.
Michael Darrell Walker
Copyright ©2007 Michael Darrell Walker


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