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Beyond what Eyes may See

Inspired by Mina Lujan

So secret is the seed of bond,
held in two lonely hearts;
aligned in life, and in thoughts,
pierced by passion’s dart;
split upon myths,
life spawns what loving care does send;
above love’s call both descend,
in knowledge of parting’s end.
A fold in heart gives a thought,
to painful love’s debris;
heals wounds fears, and upon a quest,
in living do proceed;
now step aside and rest within,
on journey’s path be freed;
enlightened by the sage of time,
alone now forever be.
Quietly breathe in moments past,
reflect in loving’s eyes;
of gifts from the ends of care,
and sharing in two lives;
as souls adrift in silence ply,
gracious miracles do survive;
and burn as pyre shining,
in a life explicitly preserved.
Future dreams make possible,
to care for love in life again;
to see beyond what eyes may see,
to feel your soul’s attain;
gain in hearts a purity,
with loving key in thought ascertain;
as best be known and seen in soul,
all love is foreordained.
One sees in soul the light,
that shines above all others;
and learns the truth of bonds,
that glow in a blinding love;
life cannot be completely seen,
in passion’s wistful longing;
for living souls the secret,
is a truth shared for all time.


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