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Medacious Literati

Wrawling worms rise,
release your stench that is deceit;
tenebrific mindsets bent,
thoughts in schemed audacity;
miscreants, who divide,
an affront to brotherly oddness;
writhe in death continuance,
stand censurable oldster.
Paradigmatic spoor of humanity,
seeking 'Golden Hammer’;
tellurians reap shame,
truth’s obvention, oddity hampers;
purgatorial minions,
flense gleefully of votive hummers;
denizen reciprocal,
death fluttering proctal puckering.
Impertinences propel casus belli,
truth is asphyxiated;
perfidiously rupestral eye,
sees a fiendish affiliation;
personify the ideology,
exemplify oligarchic filiations;
insensateness, earnest mete,
Id vitiated by proration.
Fraudulence and blithe craft,
portend that 'Dies irae’;
effusively, world’s breath reveals,
death’s empty Koshirae;
immured is time, life depends,
observe the fulgent day;
oeuvre, divine mind themes,
in deciphering Anno hegirae.
Becloud darkness with truth,
of word each circle blend;
drearily palm negative voice,
choked amid life’s blunder;
poetic justice, seek a mean,
verbose pretendant estudiar;
ontology of ideals,
bares illudera, as future illiterati.
Michael Darrell Walker
Copyright © 2009


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