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Burning Dreams

Inspired by Supana Raut

Awash in moments filled with dread,
hope slowly gathers;
midst strangling moan voices shout,
nothing truly matters;
mangled by fears,
in thought perception crudely shutters;
light glows deep in dreams,
as darkness it does shatter.
Shared tensions felt within,
grave danger should you keep;
bizarre scenes beyond a dream,
unconscious twilight sleep;
as sunken is the mundane throb,
exhaustion you will reap;
in self, dark mood tells the tale,
of mind, visions sweep.
Asked clearly, by one who knows,
the terror of each night;
daughter of goddess Erebus,
queen of dark so covets light;
harsh, is thought that bends,
a mind from deepest plight;
in mute screams soul calls out,
send for the dream wright.
Pain, pain, in pain you burn,
within your piteous home;
yet, you battle all night long,
though it’s a moment gone;
upon yourself you give the quest,
to heart a fight is drawn;
your essence is trod upon as sod,
soul fire tries you a pawn
Away from void you feel a pull,
be saved of dark by light;
cast from mind the pressure lost,
thanks given to word works knight;
with pen as sword he so slays,
sweet sleeps one’s wicked plight;
and spoke is spell, sleep to dwell,
safely in minds delight.
Michael Darrell Walker


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