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Inspired by Baj Fahd Cloony

Soulfilled beatitude, creator sent,
humankind’s direction;
path once paved with light of awe;
now to all apocryphal;
highest consciousness of best mind,
wallows in inflection;
long gone one, with peace begun;
terror lives oligarchal.
Plied words, not fiery soul,,
hate speaks lisp hemistichal;
world’s citizens toil,
life’s nadir, under death’s trochal;
blind of heart, dark in soul,
life ruled by being acephal;
return, to be paradise anew;
each mind in change epochal.
By birth, each is wed,
throughout all humanity’s family;
affinity as light or not,
phylogentic relation is enemy;
life protection, dint by death,
kinships are now epidemy;
world ilk sprung, end comes,
peace becomes a heterophemy.
On breeze, scent hazard tastes,
metal pores hive tongue;
cure of ill caused by strife,
sickly smelling ptysmagogue;
bloated, both genders curst,
curative spirits emmengaogue;
piercing shrieks, each soul breaks,
blogs fated harangue.
Violations dress,
is dark spirit beast beneath the hadal;
surge suck, pulls each soul,
idiom to negative helicoidal;
shoving flush, life’s future burst,
gleet pools cycloidal;
prime cancels sin, Hakenkreuz rise,
kin, is rare haemal.
Michael Darrell Walker


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