Caesar was Right

mankind is governed,
by names and their definitions;
the U.S. Army Training Manual,
definition of democracy in 1928:
“DEMOCRACY: A government of the masses,
authority derived through mass meetings;
any forms of direct expression,
results in mobocracy;
attitudes toward property is communistic,
negating property rights;
attitude toward law,
is that the will of the majority;
shall regulate,
whether it is based upon deliberation;
governed by passion, or prejudice, or impulse,
without restraint, or regard for consequences;
results is demagogism, and license,
agitation, discontent, and anarchy;
in June 1952, the ameri-cant people,
were having their thinking modified;
re; the Army Field Manual Soldier’s Guide:
“Meaning of democracy,
because the United States is a democracy;
the majority of the people decide,
how our government will be organized and run;
and that includes the Army, Navy and Air Force,
people do this by electing representatives;
these men and women,
carry out the wishes of the people.”
where, oh where are the Marines???
Oh yes, to bee continued…
Michael Darrell Walker


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