Hatred for Love

Inspired by the word works of Roy Davenport

speak of how love’s trembling song,
knows of the pain that each love brings;
lovers once combined, sing of it in chorus,
their sheet music, so wrote snaps and fades;
into a life time’s dirge, and death’s silent dust.
love again thrives, but its pain angers,
visions turned into deep black clouds;
memories destroyed from it, strangling,
its own life, it’s soul terrorizing game;
slowly rotting from efforts unspent.
love turned transparent continuously weeps,
like two mirrors you see, love’s hate aside;
twisted pictures destroying two lives,
casting, each dying figures plagued pride;
burned brides and grooms slain, their souls betrayed.
inheritance, love saving eternity saying, “I do”,
blazing eyes burn, your heart you protect;
evil thoughts squash it’s life, as if it were oath’s introspect,
love then hate, to live and die, fate now in four hands;
your wishes never made you cry, yet, upon that oath you bawl.
so evil love, you think, you smell, the brimstone in your souls,
it’s blood you thirst to drink, you see satan now, that devil;
first love would bring him pain, it’s truth is in his further fall,
love, never knows truth’s fate, you see it smile at yours;
ask yourself, does love smile with hate, or preside in hell.
from the depths it’s smile comes forth, with evil, as a serpent,
eyes from torment, years of blood, cheeks of fiery fears;
from that seat, from ash and bone, thrown up from eternity,
imprisonment to dying’s throne, sorrow crowned, life bled from pain;
spirit’s flow recalls one’s soul, heavenly rain is one’s memory’s bane.
love’s river styx, drains veins and lungs, stripped is mind’s quite,
hearts shattered long ago, returned to hope, by two dying souls;
light pulled from spewing pits, opened eyes parse pressing lips,
one kiss woos death’s lord, weapon mightier than any god’s sword;
selected for the world to see, all hate turns love into living misery.
touch hearts with loving care, life for life, breath simply shared,
spread love as word, turn evil to good, death to each who fails;
hate then is opposite love, familiar as is death to life,
all to give, and none to take, a relationship is what is tried;
see the joy, return love to me, life of heaven is walked together.
husband and wife, who tried love and hate, now smile on forever;
love’s trust, life’s fate, the fall of all hate, value your oaths better.


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