Convoluted Legacy (Harry, Ike, and John)

The waning world yet slowly turns,
around it’s blazing sun it sorely spins;
nation’s whim, turned alee again,
weakness trends, as wonting strife begins;
moment tossed in each mind’s torment,
crass ungraciousness, it grins within;
comes those horsemen, truth’s hatred reigns,
chaos, spews il’ Duce to death’s chagrin.
Internally, life weeps its loss,
past’s leaders great, mourn this steep demise;
conscience theft, splaying right denies,
goose step and heil, their sordid shill implies;
struggling sense, unconscious signs,
every common man, mulls fears unwise;
mightily though, this thought survives,
abidance cropped, lowly fools surmise.
Subconsciously mind lingers on,
one man we called “Give Em Hell Harry”;
oligarchs, then cogitative,
presently steer our course contrary;
court retort, what is ‘right’ off course,
‘their’ deep, hate’s crepe’, of “it” be wary;
nonfeasance, corporate “kempf’s” mean,
all else, is begged out virgin’s cherry!
Truman, stood strong for humane good,
yet his deeds and thoughts lay forgotten;
promoted trust in human’s minds,
stressed disgust for those misbegotten;
humanitarian his mean,
against all odds he fought men rotten;
tradition’s place, his soul response,
his bled ‘blood’, this nation’s church doctrine.
Mind’s memory, restores thought’s past,
of funeral dirge and rider less horse;
construct begun, upon time’s hone,
one’s choice or chance, denied fate’s outsource;
life’s mystery does eye deceive,
death’s hand so placed, becomes the marks main course;
essence serene, this lifetime’s gist,
once switched on, soul’s given vital force.
“Ike” Eisenhower stood above,
on blessed ground, this good ‘ole’ U.S.A.;
stressed strength in one’s singular deeds,
fore our nation this ideal conveyed;
humane designs of thought filled mind,
build up those beneath and truth obey;
valour of men; conquer one’s sins,
future’s step, leads on toward Judgment’s Day.
War’s end, the tune of present’s doom,
against time, all battles ebb and flow;
strife freed, deceit implies life’s grief,
“Ike’s’ grasp, denied hate’s swift rise below;
signifying of mankind’s trends,
humankind’s weakness again bestows;
reproach in each of weak minds whims,
thought’s wicked scoffs, deviled quid pro quo.
As"Ike" said “we”; which truths implied,
“we are”, “we must”, “we want”, “we cannot”;
indecency, then unknown tine,
stooged paramours, neo-conned allot;
scrags leaden weight, around each neck,
forced minds, smooth grind slave holders crackpots;
democracy, now sure its end,
how could he sense, present time’s cruel thoughts.
“We”, implies social static’s howls,
death’s hounds, ‘rights’ slate, chaotic confound;
“We” cries, all see tea baggers scowls,
the ‘poor’ drowned, to filthy rich kowtow;
“We”, each reaps fiscal misery,
right wing games, “golden showered” chow;
mouchoirs, dripped in offspring’s blood,
‘our’ masses ‘feed’, fillet guts entrails’.
Men, no longer seek truth’s true path,
destroy, don’t build, ‘pull down’ costs, impasse;
enjoined silence, by laws rules quash,
personal will, all of substance crass;
equivalent mean; dishonesty,
“privileges” over “principles”, surpassed;
moralities nixed, all thoughts cast,
future’s confect, civics’ flait en masse.
Ike’s sense, truth’s ‘Reich’, freedom’s sole choice,
produce esteem, our nation’s goodwill;
dreams mean, breathe life’s valued thrills,
profit’s bitters tear, for death distilled;
national tone, the ‘right’ disowned,
cause and effect, fascism’s ill will;
survival moot, dues owed conceal,
Ike’s “warn” surreal, his words, heart’s refill.
Amerika’s community,
torn basket’s lode, wicked morbid greed;
strength cedes will unto righteousness,
corporate profit’s creed impedes;
moral issues, heart’s blood on hands,
our peace rests, on bullet’s silence keyed;
integrity, restored to minds,
impetus, “sense” and “spirit” accedes.
Dream on, lowly citizens dream,
of working’s past, thoughts in unity;
ending things good, those ‘right’ design,
integrity’s singe, acerbity;
strife leads the least, to second castes’,
mandatory’s tithe, bogosity;
beginning pinch, each will deceived,
goodness condemned, as is condignity.
‘Ground zero’, now humankind’s will,
singularist dismissed, heart’s truth veiled;
fears abound, those based on Ike’s thoughts,
exposing fascists core details;
restrict, rewrite, renew all hate,
woo sloth and greed, scorn virtue’s ideals;
freedom, once opined now denied,
remembrance pained, nation’s soul impaled.
One’s memories, mourn Camelot,
my coevals sin, that life forgot;
ideals, courage, purpose, ‘his’ hymns,
one vote pertains, save country’s lot;
idea espoused, “we” help those poor,
headshot deferred, one first-class upshot;
future’s brightest, this nation’s own,
youth’s first voice, ‘John’s’ life-force martyred.
Responsibility, life’s twinge,
for answers seek, blame’s flex impends;
warrant’s blow, teach or plumb thought’s adze,
while bitches sons underhand dazed trends;
contributive ‘birched’, ‘right’ axil fiends,
whose morbidity, such ‘friends’ impend;
proclivity fixed, brought votes tend,
faux security, its sweat portends.
One’s firm ideas, this nation’s renown,
ascend of fire, thought that freed men’s minds;
wisdom stressed, country’s sages’ drawled,
vile profit’s touts, bane toward life affined;
empowering pause, his ‘truth’ learned,
society’s gilt, each heart aligned;
restraint from wrongs, ‘John’s’ legacy,
dreamed in freedoms burned, life gave 'in kind’.
Future’s freedom gist’s, wealth’s defile,
profiteering creeds, make those ‘poor’ die;
plumes’ abused, by closeted ‘right’,
life just and righteous, ‘they’ defy;
today’s choice, choose to gun or run,
in unconscious minds, time’s streams awry;
politics’ clash, it’s ‘white’ ain’t ‘black’,
despite law based mores, skin’s tone decried.
Truth, forms a peoples moral codes,
once broke, only death may offer life;
unveils that bliss is all for some,
and that ‘some’ so fears the ‘masses’ knifes;
all history proves thought’s prevail,
‘Kings of Men’ dare feudal minions rife;
lies bloat ‘their’ sins, against time’s grains,
‘their’ prideful smug, causes this world’s strife.
In death, lays one’s morality,
life’s works theretofore no longer clear;
words expressed, are just passing breaths,
‘we’ no longer look, towards time’s frontiers;
truth, is feared by depraved frotteurs,
corrupting each thought and mind sincere;
speaks amorally, man’s free will,
who yet seeks, the unnamed exemplar?
Freedoms and Truths did resonate,
from these men in youth I came to know;
won, was justice, honour, and strength,
their words and works, all our thoughts acknow;
need then was firm for minds at ease,
no different now, as ‘we’ strain to grow;
protection from strife, thought’s respond,
who earns our trust, in these years of woe?
I grieve these greater men long passed,
through mind’s ill-ease, I seek time’s repose’;
distrust, this day’s profound concern,
one looks towards whom, for questions purposed;
today’s requite, a pause unturned,
which men, stand as champions supposed;
illiberality’s mark, shames each thought,
our national mores, cede life foreclosed.
First conscience thought, will we survive,
this disunity, those ‘right’ imply;
responders plea, allow our ‘peace’,
shut flapping lips and fight that denied;
ready rounds, those etched with ‘their’ names,
one’s choice remains, to writ all comply;
arms to bare, as each closed mind clears,
‘our’ trust severed, warrants death’s reply.
Solemn, this unnatural mean,
to beast not man, does each life yet cling;
moments loss, fuels self-hatred’s gain,
valueless proves profit’s peak ka-ching;
spite filled trends bring resentment’s rage,
an end time theme, leading towards whose ring;
remembrance’s burn, these thoughts bring,
for future’s sake, allow change its reign.
My questionings are grim refuse,
each proves false, without fear’s reveal;
allegiance bound to extremity,
leaves US all, without a nation’s zeal;
none loath this though, it’s simply choice,
live hand to mouth, or join those who steal;
control of wills, is sought for now,
as wicked praise, ‘Trumps’ good’s wretched kill.
Explanations’, rile each mans peace,
all talk aside, we still yearn whim’s test;
complicating whys suppress life,
ending’s fate, expose this one world’s best;
truth’s exist, proves each humans love,
while hate’s insist, shows ‘the rights’ express;
reveal this to all, times don’t lie,
one bullet’s worth, equals wealth’s distress.
Self-worth, resists these incensed times,
where minds now turn, to “sights” so tuned;
bequeaths in each, ‘the fight’ to come,
through mindsets blued, by one’s thirsts and wounds;
life’s choice, a rending thought towards ‘Rome’,
or handshakes, which the world’s least impugn;
ascent’s displace, their falseness spins,
neo-cons fear; Neo-Ducommun.
Life’s choices bleed, our thoughts flow blue,
why follow leads, when led to self’s wounding;
challenge stood, will streets flood with blood,
ask those ‘few’ this; profits worth drowning?
defeat ‘their’ scourge; we’re not equals,
false pride filled talk, 'sets’ cursed bluebloods;
bigotry, fuels life’s obtortion,
fascist overload, equals freedoms muted.
Which avenue will our thoughts take,
to right these wrongs and end all the hate;
honour men, such as these three souls,
or fascist clones and soiled neo-cons;
will every citizen arise,
to step up and end this morbid shame;
rise or die, times are now at ends,
soon bullets whine, will each vote upend.
Harry, Ike, and John, would so say,
destroy this mindset in play today;
made men, such fools, their parlour ties,
McConnell, Boehner, Cantor; their ploys;
truth known, they knell and grovel to,
death’s 'filthy’ money, and you guess “who”;
paramount to our USA,
‘their’ ruler thirsts; for what we all breathe.
Michael Darrell Walker


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