Turn Away

In friendship and respect,
inspired by Malaya Roses

A longing blush, dark almond eyes,
loving glow all humanity surmise,
perchance one’s myth, life’s storied page,
a blissful soul so poised;
in gentle voice small truths professed,
against the ebbing timeless crest of time;
one’s cup half spilled, of living’s cusp,
what half contains the darkness’ tainted bribes;
seduced of pleasure’s pause,
beneath and through one’s pathway trod;
together bound upon those thoughts,
held amongst wisps of wondrous bonds between;
life’s searches, midst minds this world will not combine,
leave breath and love a questioned odyssey;
while the din of unforgiving id,
blinds the clarity of inner sighs and tearfully misguides the heart’s divide;
Oh, for mercy’s rue, throughout this cause, this guild
this thought of what could again be truth;
that heart once shattered so, will on this word release itself,
from the prison of corruptions past;
in such that’s doomed,
life pleads against the worn and sordid script now mocked;
for at some distance,
the leering need with cloven hooves and wicked frame of what’s next to come arise;
and I entombed, misbelieved your loss, your hate, your burn,
at my turn away from your purest trust and love.
Michael Darrell Walker


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