inspired by Malaya Roses

My life,
bleeds into the well of this pen;
its point to skin,
life’s caustic sin;
at loss, this connection,
this humble zest for living,
in evening’s cool,
becomes time’s twilight lust.
Beneath, your turgid midnight flesh,
is where I laid,
my strength’s divide;
alas, the will refused heart’s surge,
its shape reflects,
life’s gentle touch in love;
such my vision wants it blurs,
upon your sweetest closeness pressed.
Your lips, does my kiss behest;
emotion’s sins emerge,
as this truth exposed;
causing heartache’s feign,
throughout this longest day;
in imaged stains,
death earned love’s thrill;
this, my heart’s deepest truth thus made.
In sorrow’s dying threads;
on forehead’s shadows,
lay the face of faith scorned;
oh! sordid flesh,
cleave deep to scour love’s decay;
through my bruised and darkened spirit,
free this breath taking weight;
and so relieve my hurtful livings din.
Remind me deeply of your place;
and as I quietly weep,
these thoughts do surely thin;
pampered, by the presence
of your sought for breaths;
in silenced hush,
my soul this love so dropped;
as the world suffers in this pause.
Our lives to heaven’s attendant;
faced against,
the minion of that beast;
that it causes,
my blood still filled;
to boil and purge my pain,
of passion’s dark and shameful lust,
for you.
Michael Darrell Walker


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