Denatured Redevelopment

Inspired by the word works of Elias Foukis

one will plays the role
carried like a dead man
tomorrow, will have accomplished
madness and wisdom,
and a trip to hell
testing whether will
can come back or not
will plays the role,
of the winged horseman
tomorrow, having shoed that horse
will listens to the reminiscence,
of those pissed upon
by the sabre rattling
of a dead fourth reich
whose leadership is now
accursed for seven generations
by all of humanity,
for the truths own volition
one will plays the King
while working on his alchemy
over each city, he flies
above the slave markets
tomorrow, each citizen
will descend to the alley ways
into these markets to be
bartered and or sold
this is the neo-conservative
plan that is in play
changing human positions,
into inhumane conditions
under their ages-old subjugation,
of the “Crown’s” embalm
will replies to all people,
with this most profound adage
if you are sold, it is better
you never entered this world
the one soul though,
who pays the museum architect scolds
tomorrow, will is to be
converted into a mausoleum and
will have opportunity to explain,
how graceless and irrational
this human species has become
this will confirms, that in fact
the testimonies on the massacres
of souls over all of the centuries
is so vile, indeed the killing
is still in effect today
will leaves the mausoleum,
indifferent and unmoved
thoughts and panic,
bedraggled and corrupted demons
beings worse than those
that set down the citizens of Athens
on stone steps, one will tries
to explain these shames
but will’s voice causes
all human brains to hemorrhage
a necessary thing, kill all
of the memories and experiences
or merely necessary
to denature humankind’s redevelopment
Michael Darrell Walker


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