Next Dimension

Inspired by the word works of Meena Somasundaram

It, is breath taking,
terrible and miserable;
I helplessly witnessed,
the greatest eagle, with opened claws;
upholding, the laws of heaven,
crushing the heads of man’s pawns;
shredding their flesh raw,
ripping limbs with his powerful jaws,
flying up and away, and belching with a guffaw;
I stood, paralyzed, gazing into that stone tomb,
soul gasping in a forcibly hushed tone;
mind spinning, as a familiar, to a idea’s clone,
almost blown, restrictions known, life gone;
I was not atoned, everyone and their souls alone,
all the others had shown, no remorse, only groaned;
for the earth was renewed in, a different zone.
Michael Darrell Walker


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