Truths, are put to pause, while eyes view a setting sun
mind’s eye so bright, filled of life, close as it is done
blind in mind, self-deep confines, a word to skeptic one
calm cedes strife, life’s woes bud, fear the risen dawn.
Amid the falling lift of light, falsities rule the world
linen soped in bitterness, enshroud fate as it’s hurled
life’s shame stains innocence, bloats upon souls swirled
a parse, breaks thoughts apart, one’s truth is unfurled.
Life’s ceiling met its due, you fail the doors of heaven
light of soul fades away, too weak it’s promised leaven
dim the joy, nox chokes a glow, fear is a vivid sweven
night torment rules tepid minds, reaps a fortune yeven.
Endeictic, are thoughts that prey, upon one’s wide mind
misdirection of truths plot, thoughtfulness made blind
issues thence blade trust, soul’s flesh put to the grind
warnings bleat sigh unheard, woe and death for mankind.
Boreas blows taste of end, Earth’s winds begin the stun
currents carry truth, end hate, or all of love will burn
Chinook, Mistral, Sirocco, Simoom hear their howl of doom
neutrality cannot rule thoughts, faineance must be done.
Michael Darrell Walker
Copyright © 2009


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