Give Me Some

Inspired by Debra Kraft

Surrender mind, down on two knees,
feeling so very randy;
thought focused, homing on,
flesh as sweet as tasty candy;
eyes, watch quivering lips,
a breath, sure comes in handy;
will, is swept aside,
excitement moment’s, modus operandi.
Watched, is flutter of breath,
breathe in flush of flesh;
tension tender, in hot touch,
mind’s wonderment, bled fresh;
auras, soon combine to one,
sweat’s rain begins to thresh;
webs of passion, mind’s one eye,
tease taunts, as two enmesh.
Tried is tether, moan’s last control,
lost is mind in heat;
look is pull, beyond heart’s law,
huge zeal for meal petite;
savoury steaming, closes eyes,
sweet musky scents excrete;
sapidity, bursts cummy mound,
in mouth a taste so sweet.
Stood astride my lifted chin,
gasp rise, plied triple-tongue;
whimpers, seek complete release,
cacoethes weeps meringue;
tension thrusts uplifted leg on face,
plys dance merengue;
hips, slap kneeling host,
on hungry soul casts pishogue.
Oh, thought to grant that wish,
now, not later as you ask;
treats bottled for time anon,
turn stale in pocket flask;
sloe fruits, ripened tastes,
expect joys pleasuring bask;
give me, some sweetness on a stick,
put my skills to task.
Michael Darrell Walker

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