Caricamento in corso...

Gobble dis Goo!

As the fly to flypaper ribbon; i.e.
I am the macro to these micro, particles
of the theoretical substance
beknownst to L.E. Boltzmann as that “perfect gas”
What the chuckle, or that silence
followed by the room clearing smear
of a “silent, butt deadly” rectal huff;
speaking about wasting heat!
“on messy grammar”;
with an emphatic recognizers’ oh hell no!
we cannot go on with this flow
so let that “flying toad” show
how long that middle finger lingers
under your nose, held so close
supposition or suppository’s probing
drags down that cobra of yours
to that wilting squirming worm
your nagging bitch calls herbie;
as you down that “double shot of Crown”
the uppity caste of readers
give chastening retorts to this
blinding storm of poisoning winds
which whirl, “All around the World”
all the presumptions wile,
we many are lowering your lowly casket
to the bottom of a “deep blued sea”
exposing your rotting flesh as
a “Whiter Shade of Pale” or
your “dress whites” compared to my Levis
and your stars and bars to my solid right cross
through you upper lipse, a screaming hiss
as your simile is “pars (orationis)”,
to that steaming pile of horse shite
you call your mind…
inside that thought, you naughty sot!
visualize the “Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers”
unfurling their “Led Zeppelin” and
bombing the guild’s tent and not
“Rocking the Casbah”, think of the notion;
a suitcase sized portion of non-irradiating
radiation, salvage the infrastructure
butt frak the general populations
while you and yours hang with “Dick C”
in the deepest, darkest of caves
protected from the knaves
that were turned “round and brown”
and not completely erased from
the face of this Earth
Re: Birth, your jokingly shot
by the Master Word Juggling Aretaloger
I do think, why the hell not!
share this most comfortable tome
with all of the “Fatherland”
isn’t this idea most grande?
being made into that mysterious
autexousious consciousness
Eugène Ionesco; now he blew
away “the solitude and insignificance
of human existence in a tangible way”.
Say What! It’s better to Sam Beckett
than “oh the heck with it”!
Let’s just move in together
“get drunk and screw” loose those
mind farts that are keeping US
mentally constipated and making
all of the US, dirty corporate mules
such fools and such ungrateful “sheeple”
with all the nation’s steeple
“Dodge Rammed” up the arse
by the neo-cons cash, for chaos
kiss our asp notions of how the masses
should bow down and kowtow to the
oligarchic miscreants and their
rules by laws that no one can decipher
or offer an explanation too what the hell
each sentence or phrase justly means
being composed by those touting poofters
who have an allegiances to all of the faggotry
inanely clung to the history of “business” as usual;
“Howdy Doody”, it’s time for Mickey and Minnie
Prince Valiant, Alley Oop, and all the Sunday Funnies
and to dis-regulating’s reductio ad absurdum
It is time to hurt em’ where it counts
leave not the least in that last ounce
of gold… and I do mean Aca-pōl-co
as in, “"[they] were destroyed
or washed away, [with][this][read!]".
Yawl come back soon now!


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