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Illumination’s Iniquity

Decrement, or reduction of things,
like values say, the lack of taste
for wanton and destructive wars
or conflict’s victory at any cost,
when subject to morale’s revenues
Deflation, that tingling hiss,
as in, when spiritual economies are ignored
searching souls implore then their beliefs,
in exercising a personal contrition
this condition, dissing the self, or exorcising
one’s individual private tastes offshore
Courageous is this sacrifice, really now,
a body’s armour is simply the harvest’s fruition
leading therefore to this conclusion, courage is
one’s harvest of living’s sacrificed self
inducing ignorance as pseudo-bliss, remiss as is
one’s moral parti pris subliminally deplored
Devotions, here is a trend; this mined lode
of selfless loyalty or seething piety cum delf
an interesting thing, pulling in the unconscious
gems of Id, and parallel processing’s ‘ician’
all the wiles, of this devoting self; exposing them
to be a proverbial fraccing’s Rheometry
Apostate’s love, an offering’s prole, proves
the dedicatory is indeed a bar’s ‘top shelf’
it is poured with glee and flattery’s smack,
a simplistic feed for this word work’s logician
in doubled rounds it is pounded down, becoming
that loaded gun, sans the mind’s ammunition
So let US dot the I’s, and examine cryptic dross;
the previous lemma’s stand is religion’s sens
this weed that teased the instructor’s mark,
is provable rigor within Euclidean geometry
jubilation thus pleased, we create the need,
to properly tease a written words impositions
Conquistador i.e. conqueror, how a subtle differ
plays wide a defining words sole contend
still a festering read sets the mind a bleed,
this hemorrhaging fires imagination’s cations
attesting too, one tiro’s views, the beginners trials
expressing, a wayward soul’s hypocrisy
Sewn together, in bewitchery clinched, this
tartufish menses is created by the clerisy
amoral clowns with upside down frowns
laugh gleefully while your spirit slowly smothers
recidivating mindset lends, itself to this end,
you are mortally bound to your owned fate’s wend
collectivized, your mind seeks those mated dice, and
it’s to pairs your thinking druthers
needment be, that fancy forwarding indite
to wit from jest a writer’s whist so scends
crumples does a thought’s behoove, until
from providence each line is heckled chorally
rascaldom’s kingdom, that domain profane
elicits the tricked or treated word works ply
complacently spent a readership’s bent, implies
that twisted minds grasp its head-butting end
impracticable means, this improbable dreaming,
where planning amiss minifies impacts buffer
Aristotelianism, an imbibed concoction
the mentally drunk confuse a witty points proffer
mind’s manumission, this word smythe’s ambition,
or is it I’m just the emblematic wise guy
colonoscopy be damned! Your thoughts are all jammed;
allow me my piece de resistance
Values shared bring one’s ensnare, in a word slinging
gigolo’s trap that is well written
foment declared in this end game’s éclat
what is not comprehended is muttered contempt
humanity, that hysterical mania, I poke and
prod to what avail, and to what emptied thought’s finis
chimerical schemes to immortal misgivings;
wit and words are the lasher for you unruly canis
or, if you please a seasonal Ta’ziyeh,
God’s theatrical tease or your choice of six EMPTs
this erudite’ portend, is hidden within; so mount up,
and peruse this as a wild stallion ridden
despicable me! “IAM” the flea on that “Y”, and your
trim’s short hairs be hysteria’s dissent’
further to, maybe Prokhorov’s lattice of Al2O3;
I dedicate this, to what’s-his-name Cheney
philauty be blamed in infamy’s hang, that event’s
horizon, which my disparagers do so chidden
Likened flowers of Loti and that “traveling typhus louse”;
to which this word work is sprent with such
marabou’s downs, and life’s spurious clowns,
dropping loads of their minimalized midden
above a critique’ surliness rests, is humbling’s’ poetic ahimsa;
it’s inflection guides, the line of this entrapping works seine
Nash equilibrium stayed to a player’s distain;
mind’s portal affix of what’s hidden in Vidin
this House’s chouse, abet quiet as that “mouse”
portrays its colour as a cerise cockamamie
and as a massy stunner, is an ode’ to “W. de Sitter”,
luckily Λ = 3/R2 isn’t Albert Einstein’s Epicurean torment
One’s assumptions aside, all are welcome on this ride;
and believe me it was wonderfully zany
should asperse arise, cheer a conceptual reprise;
your minds will not permanently ferment
so for clarity’s sake… and for a lifetime’s save
keep handy your prescription for Coumadin!

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