Each season lies;
each has deceptive reasoning
while in full of pride, each
accepts our please of them
what proves each as grand
or chill, or drab, or dreary
veils an unseen reality
that totally; if self-known
will blow the mind sky high
or plant it six feet under
drown it in sheets of
driving rains or have it
torn asunder from those wickedly
fierce hail storm winds
and our conceptions of what is
good or bad of either or minutieuse, to all of life’s
limbo’ insanely calm demeanors is irrelevant to
this age and day, and our time…
all living things are
intertwined and made to match
and mate and procreate and
thrive upon only this planet count on this, the science is
conclusive; humans cannot exist
outside of this here limited
and relatively small “sandbox”
Does your arm ache from that chicken pox vaccination?
oh! That was a Freudian slop if there ever was one!
Encased in Ice, the “SNOWBALLING” Earth effect
now snowballing has other implications;
let US not be confused
as one is used in the latter
so to the former will be abused
as in batters up and we six will all be
swinging away on a universal level
Levelling the playing fields, so to speak; hitting
the fly shit right out of its preppies
and yuppies, and puppies, guppies
hippies, and all the other ies!
and there will be no called strikes Earth is
sitting there like that ball at “T” TIME!
Now, after we have our fill of this calamity…
our old Da, will switch games
and bring out his “Big Bertha”, and git
his huge swinging drives in all day long!
Finally, our Mother, patron of
this little garden planet; well she
will simply lift up her skirt and squat
down over the piles of rubble left from
this debacle and piss all over the remaining
essences of both earth and humanity
and her piss, is all of that! A toxic concoction
totally dissolving and absolutely cleansing
shower of power…priss power
speed peed out at light speed!
Indeed, when we finish
with this deed… the universe
will forget in that forgotten human heart
beat that you sick and sin filled monkeys
ever existed at all!
And the icy dark of that part
of your solar system will become
clear again, transparent to all
waves of thoughts of our clan
and in this life force that gained
unto itself decease; will never again exist
some experiments just must be, burned
out of the minds of our children
discarded as chaff of the queef harvest
that is to be completed, by US! In the aftermath
Because that was all that was left of humanity…
a tiny cloud of vaginal gasses!!!


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over 6 years

Thank you, I hope to return the kudos to you , and I hope to hear from you ....a conversation at a higher point needs to ensue, with best wishes, Dani Bull

over 6 years

kudos my dear... I am always near... all of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... michaelw1two

over 6 years

I can visualise what your saying to me but I alter it so it better suits me ....a fire lit with one single match, I lock us in, a darker plan I hatch...of course "I understand" been here for so long, and I know of one other that sings " our" song! if you have stuff you feel you can fire out, I would be keen to see what you shout about.... I'm afraid its a case of "move along please" and "nothing to see here" ...no great revelations , no personality to seize! maybe I really am a bumbling fool, stupid and useless , like a worn out old mule ....I will continue to try to manifest and expand with a hope of offering an un-sinned and clean helping hand! with best wishes..Dani Bull

over 6 years

Aloha Daniella...
So much more fun than spilling blood... word works are trick... and believe this... Character assassination is so much more fulfilling! and fun! think of this reasoning... I reach through this www and put my pen through your jugular... you drop to your knees and I embrace you as you bleed out... you are mourned and burned and forgotten in a matter of years... on the other hand... I fire out some truths about your personal, social, and career moves... and there the universe has it... for as long as data can float in a vaccuum... I fly it and it is a hit on a universal scale! Yea! Buddy! you do understand this, yes? "I Understand" and it is grand that you are making me play this way this session this eve... thank you my dear for pushing my buttons... you are playing me like that S.O. of the Pied Piper! All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two.

over 6 years

It just gets better!! "Oh that was a Freudian SLOP" brilliant, I hope you are "here" even for now, I anticipate reading more! well wishes :-)

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