Patriciate Lexicon

All the world’s words,
fool’s gold, or most quested wealth;
quagmire for humans,
and precursor, to poor mental health;
cunningly used against foe,
vulgar spue as vested spilth;
unbalanced as an ungurent,
dispensed, as treasured dealth.
Unsung, oppungning, anomalist,
parcel sense from intellect;
reeks of pedant individual,
perchance, be spirit artilect;
bethinking apparition bleeds,
consciousness of disrespect;
clearly wisdom’s carper,
only status, fatalist nonelect!
Mind, tweaked from words,
result, souls with greater reason;
logic implies the use,
thought, chimes a positive chanson;
wit, woos a versed tome,
eremitic, yet ecstatic livraison;
joust with pen, a soul’s demesure,
conquer, every whoreson.
Such space, the pages once white,
now scrolled sage gray;
locus, choice is shared port,
for rampant thoughts convey;
parry please, pass proud pricked pens,
plead point passe;
naif, defined versus wile of mind,
review this poet’s dossier.
Degree 360, round mind reels,
ignoble enters caste purple;
adieu balance, fore awakened,
are the masses of all sheeple;
pellucidity, fervor clears,
as life’s most vivid multiple;
patrician’s plight triples,
world, won on truth’s scruples.
Michael Darrell Walker


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