Suddenly then, let he go
wandering, mind filled miracle is he
Her, fluttering’ amidst these graceful trees
causing curious feelings; within his whole
no longer could her essence face this emotion
shown in the inquisitive smile of her face
Volatile confusion, the eruption of inner sensing
as pair, in life’s flight; erupted in passion’ wild fight
these lava’, as expression’s delights; spread an overflowing
“evening thang” through their veins; setting ablaze their
craze of this, in burning eyes, and parched lip’ gasps
an unintended thirst did so arise; and in this fleeting
moment’s lapse, an hour’ pass occurred unseen…
Season’ vary, blossom’ tarry; when the spirits call is held
on heaven’s stoop and not realized as an individual’s worth
once bought by time, and trial, and living’s errors…
Speaking’ heart; an un-thought word or words untaught
murmurings simple, as is love’s first kiss
and in the throes of highest consciousness this instance wrought…
Silence only quells the conscience; in return, life’s
winds begin that howl; and swept away is all of time
to a destination of one’s tepid wonder or tripping understanding!
misstep or from a providential guide, he and her collide
above this luscious, tropical jungle canopy wild!


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