I Especially Love

Wondering, if your lips sweetly sneer
at the one thought that is on your mind
smiling down upon your lusting eyes
as you look up from your chin on hand pose
thinking that through those youthful tears you cry
will come a lifetime’s passions flow
knowing from the words you think and write
that your will and heart and lust
will certainly fill this life…
Wait…such time has passed
beyond last opening of that door
the “green” one at the cinema
where your soft hands
danced upon my swollen Thor
and giggling sweet your laughter peaked
as “Marilyn” took on the vital four
upon your knees beneath the seats
you had three vibrant shots from me
and you cried out for more…
Such wants and needs
and lusting loves abound
when you and I are all that exists
and no one is around
how sweet that mound of lust’s surprise
her juice so thick to glaze my eyes
all on you ride my greedy tongue
into your own dam busting come…
What if…these words so wrote
by needful you and by only me
resound just thoughts and wants and needs
and not the truth that pure lust seeds
pout full lipped so chewed upon
a sigh relief, a phantasm now done
this realized view that we may never bond
to share these deep dreamed lusts US two…
Mind is flowing now the words
so come continually and painfully long
of passions thoughts and compassions wand
my lips a drip with sugary wads
your gasps and grunts and silken hips
the sucking sounds of flesh that slips
across and over and round and round
two minds apart in life and lust and love…
Give to me then what “I especially love”
your soul filled thoughts and raucous moves
combine your twins, their inner yin and yang
and ride this white horse until you faint
don’t rest, don’t stop
just yelp and yelp until we both pop!

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