Zaccur bred of Reuben’s bed; gave US son number one
Sham-mua; ever wonder what being number one implies?
either best, or whist; but truly and just now, just piss!
Nori never worried about his equipment or his tribe
Simeon; for he unloaded his first son number two
upon the messy pile of humanity; his name Sha-phat!
Jephunneh sounds like, “Hyundai”, was not a motorcar
he was of the tribe Judah; would ya’ not know it?
son number three was “third strike, yer’ outed” Caleb…
Joseph, popularly named; was a tribal Issachar, had
an avatar, didn’t play the guitar, but he did get wit it
and begat son number four or Igali; no, not Igor!
Nun; became synonymous for virgins; but he popped
at least one of em’, and became the pride of the
tribe of Ephraim by siring son number five Joshua
Raphu; kinda rhymes with that sauce; a man of tribe
Benjamin, got busy and played more than hanky with
some female and out dropped son number six, our boy Paiti!
Sodi; not a rock band rodie, but of that tribe Zebulin
oat-tit-it-in-and-out more than a few times, I would hope!
and brought son number seven, Gaddiel; in to being human
Susi; oh my! Would he ever have trouble in grade school
with this handle! Butt, however; being from tribe Manassah
he passa’d to US son number eight, our brother Gaddi
Gemalli, by golly! From the tribe of Dan; did indeed
dandily seed son number nine, a male so fine he
copped the name of Ammiel, oh well, Hell-o!
Michael! Wow! Spelling then is as today! Of tribe Asher;
he took a slash and then got uppity it and nine months
or so later; out plopped that lil’ gator Sethur!
Oh! And he is our number ten son!
Vophs, not “Syfy”, channeled into some trench
and as a son of tribe Naphtali, gave US our
eleventh son he named Nahbi; and then he ate
wasabi! Wow! And re-tired into his threads!
Maki; in some languages this means “you’re dead”; but luckily
his equipment wasn’t, and as of the tribe of Gad, he
became the Father of our number twelve son: E-Gads! Not!
his name was Gauel; spoken as the world’s glue?
Why fore wright a few words in wit on this subject and these
named Father’s and sons? A-Force in pun or of panties in panic, or
the “Punic Wars’ and a-mix of Hispanic rice and beans… Point or
means, what caused this hill of peas to be spilling out all over
these pages? Sages; gray beards, wizard’s wield big sticks
or “Slap Stick” or just fuck this as its dissin’ and libeling some
other lost in multitudes of translations over centuries of manipulation
by more wicked and power hungry monkeys than you all out there
reading this shit! Okay then, are you still in, this mindset’s point
within me? See here then, my chi-nee-chin-chin scratches; can you
give me an itch or call me that male Witch who can bewitch anyone
just by showing up and offering up a big smiling Jesus pose!
Who knows! Which way the most ill of winds will blow; every man and
Woman down onto their knees beggin’ for God’s Mercy, pleading for
the lives of their children yelling and screaming cause they are
burning… up, up, and away their souls rising, shooting stars and a trip
towards Mars,  earned for all of their hard work at sin and shame
and disgrace… All for more funny little bits of worthless paper!
(check your biblical codex’)


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