Just Minutia

Inspired by the word works of Tamica Marie

the door
to my heart
be unlocked as
feelings that I once
fled away from, I now
embrace; a simple reason’s
worth smiles, and I wish goodbye
to all things before and my heart knows
why…to be the one love, to be loved freely
by one, means I must be done with that me, an
unknown, alone and unloved by me; I wish that one
goodbye and free my thoughts, my heart, my soul for the
new me… I now hold my knife firmly, my knife strongly, my
knife of me…
The knife which loves my blood as it stabs the old one out of
me… clearly, I become not the trophy, not the possession
not of vanity…
Clearly I am now the real me, strong, vibrant, wanting to
Feel always so and never to return to thoughts of old and
not me, me…
My change has come, my stars arise, my soul’s eyes
See for the first time, see into, the me which I was
always to be;  this me which is the new me
does not need, I am needed and now I
am strengthened by me, never again
to be that, or this, or anything
Other than the complete
package that I am…
Everything else
there is, is
just minutia!


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